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Internet providers can do more to protect consumers than California’s new digital privacy and IoT laws

F-Secure will be at CES to offer a simple vision for securing consumers’ identities and homes.

Helsinki, Finland – December 27, 2019: California will make history in 2020 with the roll out of SB-327 and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). While both laws take positive steps, experts from cyber security provider F-Secure will be at CES in Las Vegas (January 7-10, 2020) to make the case that internet service providers can go above and beyond the law to fix security and privacy problems that have plagued consumers for years.

SB-327 is the first statute that attempts to regulate security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, while the CCPA, which some call the “light” version of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, offers consumers new rights to request data from businesses that track them while putting new restrictions on how that information is used.

“Both laws take steps forward, yet we’re still playing catch up when it comes to securing consumer data and the tens of billions of connected home devices already in use,” says F-Secure Director of Business Development Paul Palmer, who will be speaking at the “Data Security and Privacy: Protecting Consumers” CES Super Session on Tuesday, January 7, 10:00 AM. “Clearly, internet service providers are in a better position to help secure consumers’ home networks and identities than regulators, especially considering that SB-327 sets minimal standards and deals exclusively with new devices for sale in California.”

F-Secure’s decoy honeypot network that monitors cyber attacks around the world now sees more Mirai malware — which targets insecure IoT devices like webcams and routers — than any threats targeting PCs or smartphones, largely because of the massive number of vulnerabilities in IoT devices that have been rushed to the market.*

“Many of our more than 200+ operator partners worldwide are recognizing that they’re going to be tasked with securing all of the so-called ‘smart’ devices that threaten the speed and security of their customers’ internet connections, whether they like it or not,” Palmer says. “This burden is really an opportunity in disguise.”

F-Secure has been making it simple for Internet Service Providers to provide cyber security to their customers for decades. With F-Secure’s Connected Home Security solution, providers can extend that security to the smart home, securing and managing connected home devices through one management app.

“At CES, we’ll see the latest in smart TVs, home assistants, and connected appliances from doorbells to ovens. Everything is getting connected and almost everything we do creates some digital trail,” Palmer says. “Consumers see constant headlines about massive breaches and recognize their privacy is at risk.”

A recent F-Secure survey found that 65% of American consumers are either worried or very worried about the loss of personal information as the result of a data breach, making it the online threat that causes consumers the most anxiety.**

F-Secure’s new ID Protection service combines human intelligence with dark web scanning to protect customers from identity theft and account takeovers significantly faster than solutions that rely exclusively on dark web scanning.

“Our new identity protection service and Connected Home Security give service providers a chance to do regulators cannot – secure families and their identities now and for the future,” Palmer says.

You can make arrangements to meet with F-Secure at CES here.

* Attack Landscape H1 2019: IoT, SMB traffic abound

** Source: F-Secure Identity Protection Consumer (B2C) Survey, May 2019, conducted in cooperation with survey partner Toluna, 400 respondents (+25years).


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